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EB3 job application process update

SeaBreezee is thrilled to announce an enhanced selection process for EB3 job applicants, aimed at creating a more positive and inclusive experience for potential candidates. As we receive a significant number of job applications and have limited job positions available, SeaBreezee has implemented a policy that gives priority consideration to applicants who demonstrate proficiency in English. By placing emphasis on English language skills, we aim to ensure effective communication and seamless integration within our diverse and dynamic work environment. Candidates who showcase their proficiency in English will have an increased opportunity to be considered for upcoming job openings at SeaBreezee. While we value strong English language abilities, SeaBreezee also acknowledges the potential in individuals with basic or lower English language skills. In such cases, applicants will still have the opportunity to apply with certain conditions. If it is determined during the initial interview process that their English skills are not sufficient, they will be required to commit to participating in SeaBreezee's provided English education program for a minimum of one year. We firmly believe that this policy will benefit our job applicants by increasing their chances of success during the visa interview process and facilitating their overall professional and personal growth in the United States. At SeaBreezee, we are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive work environment and providing the necessary support to our job applicants. This new policy is a reflection of our dedication to assisting applicants in improving their English language skills and ensuring their success within our organization. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all job applicants as we implement this updated selection process. We look forward to reviewing applications from candidates who demonstrate their English skills, and we are excited about the opportunities this policy will create for both our organization and potential candidates.

To support our job applicants, we provide an English education program at no additional cost for now.

Don't forget to take SeaBreezee English education program to sharpen your English skills.

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