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CNA(Caregiver) EB3 positions available

EB3 Caregiver position: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

SeaBreezee proudly present Caregiver (CNA) positions in California and other locations.

The employer who will sponsor EB3 VISA with SeaBreezee has more than 350 facilities throughout United States.

First 20 applicant’s ETA(LC) filing scheduled in Oct 2022

Work site: Northern California.

Wage: $18 - $20 per hour as of now.

1. English proficiency required (Intermediate level)- F1 students are welcome to apply for EB3 Caregiver job.

2. High School Diploma required

3. No prior Medical, Nurse education, experience requires but if you do, it would be great.

4. Job applicant will need to get CNA certificate to start to work.

*position and location availability changes daily and some positions may closed without announcement.

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